The Dark Stranger

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1h 30m | Animation, Drama, Horror

Leah Garrison (Katie Findlay) is a young graphic novelist recovering from the recent suicide of her mother, which has given her severe anxiety to the point where she is afraid to leave her own home. Soon after, her father (Enrico Colantoni) is visited by a suspicious art curator (Stephen McHattie) looking into her family’s past. Leah begins drawing a graphic novel in which an ominous Dark Stranger pursues a lonely girl doll across a foreboding fairy tale landscape.

As the work on the novel progresses, Leah begins to see The Dark Stranger in real life. At first, she isn’t sure if she is losing her mind, or if the Stranger is a deadly supernatural force trying to destroy her. Piece by piece, The Dark Stranger tears apart her life, killing anyone who comes between her and the make believe world she has created.

Director: Chris Trebilcock
Studio: Raven Banner Entertainment
Producer(s): Paula Devonshire
Cast: Katie Findlay, Enrico Colantoni, Stephen McHattie, Mark O'Brien, Jennifer Dale, Alex Ozerov, Emma Campbell
Writer(s): Chris Trebilcock

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