Red Green's Duct Tape Forever

Red Green's Duct Tape Forever Movie Poster

The Possum Lodge is taken to court by businessman Robert Stiles whose limousine is damaged after falling into a sinkhole in front of the lodge. The lodge members lose the case and must pay $10,000 in damages within ten days - or their beloved Lodge will become property of the town. The head of the lodge, Red Green (Smith) and his lodge brothers consider various fund-raising ideas. It is quickly agreed that selling road kill on the Internet or fire powered potato guns to children may be too complicated.

Ultimately, it is Red Green's nephew, Harold Green (McKenna) who suggests participating in an upcoming Duct Tape Contest being held in Minneapolis. There, a competition to create something made of at least 80% duct tape, will garner the third prize winner exactly $10,000. Naturally the boys band together and go for the bronze.

Director: Eric Till
Studio: TVA International
Producer(s): Sari Friedland
Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Jerry Schaeffer, Graham Greene, Richard Fitzpatrick, Darren Frost, Melissa Dimarco
Writer(s): Steve Smith
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