Cinematheque at Home: The Assistant

Some are calling it the first great movie about the “me too” movement. The Assistant is a chilling tale about the toxic workplace that a new office assistant must face every day as she carries out the daily tasks of serving a Hollywood producer. Julia Garner (Emmy winning star of Netflix’s Ozark and Waco) gives a superb performance as a new aspiring producer who is working in a dysfunctional workplace as an office assistant to a high powered film executive. Succession star Matthew Macfadyen portrays an executive who has to call out Jane for making an office complaint. We never see her boss directly but it is clear from the tense office atmosphere and whispered conversations the film is alluding to executives like Harvey Weinstein. All the signs of abuse are there from the subtle bullying and intense fearful look in Jane’s eyes to the need for perfection in mundane office tasks.

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Studio: Winnipeg Cinematheque
Writer(s): Kitty Green
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