Big Muddy

Martha Barlow (Nadia Litz) has been living in seclusion for years with her teenage son, Andy (Justin Kelly). She has a dark personal history she’d rather not remember and more skeletons in her closet than she’d care to admit. After Andy commits a horrible crime, Martha must face her violent past in order to secure her son’s future.

To do so, she has to dodge a sociopathic racehorse owner, reconcile with her estranged family, and try to reconcile with Andy’s dangerous and long forgotten father.

Filmed in Saskatchewan with a Canadian cast and crew.

Director: Jefferson Moneo
Studio: Monterey Media Inc.
Producer(s): Coral Aiken, Wally Start, Jefferson Moneo, Bob Crowe
Cast: Nadia Litz, Justin Kelly, Stephen McHattie, David La Haye, James Le Gros, Rossif Sutherland, Holly Deveaux
Writer(s): Jefferson Moneo, Brian Paccione
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