All Hat

Ray Dokes (Luke Kirby) is fresh out of prison. Returning home, he discovers the countryside of his youth transformed. Urban development crawls across the pastoral fields like a rash. Determined to stay out of trouble, Ray heads to the farm of his old friend Pete (Keith Carradine), a Texan cowboy, whose debts are growing faster than his corn.

Sonny Stanton (Noam Jenkins), the heir to a thoroughbred dynasty, is buying the entire concession of farmland to build a golf course. One of the farms he's after belongs to Etta Parr (Lisa Ray), Ray's old flame. Seems she's the only one brave enough to stand in Sonny's way.

Ray hooks up with Chrissie (Rachael Leigh Cook), a kick-ass jockey, and tries to steer clear of Sonny. When a million-dollar thoroughbred goes missing from the Stanton Stables, Sonny gets desperate and forces the sale of the community's remaining farms. Ray reacts by coming up with a scheme to stop Sonny once and for all. One false move will land Ray back in jail.

Director: Leonard Farlinger
Studio: New Real Films
Producer(s): Jennifer Jonas
Cast: Luke Kirby, Keith Carradine, Lisa Ray, Rachael Leigh Cook, Noam Jenkins, Graham Greene, Gary Farmer, Stephen McHattie, Charlotte Laurier
Writer(s): Brad Smith
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