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31 - Official Trailer

5,706 Views | 2:18 | Uploaded on Aug 22, 2016

In the official trailer for Rob Zombie's 31, a man stands in front of a mirror and begins painting his face. He says, "I'm not here to brighten your dismal day. I'm here to end your miserable life."
Shortly after, we're introduced to a group of carnival workers living in trailers in an undisclosed desert. But their joyful existence is soon terrorized by a gang of sadistic clowns, one being the man we met at the beginning of the trailer.

The carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in a hellish compound, where they're told they will be players in a game called 31. The premise: survive 12 hours. The carnival workers are hunted down, tormented and tested. Vicious, violent sequences play out over the remainder of the trailer, which is underscored by the line, "Murder school is now in session." 

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