Unearthing Movie Poster

Although Healy James (Tim Rozon) and Fisher Hart (Jodi Balfour) have harbored a deep secret their entire lives, neither of them knows what it is or why they’re burdened with it.

But when Healy discovers the key to unlocking their mysterious relationship is buried on a suspected killer's property, he must coerce Fisher to help him find it — even though she doesn’t know she hid it there.

Director: Jon Deitcher, Natalino Lattanzio
Producer(s): David Anselmo, Jamie Taylor, Justin Kelly, Karen Koornneef
Cast: Tim Rozon, Jodi Balfour, Julia Sarah Stone, Roberta Maxwell, Nicholas Campbell, Chloe Rose
Writer(s): Jamie Taylor
Official Site: www.unearthingfilm.com

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