Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War)

Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War) Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: February 15, 2005

R | 2h 20m | Action/Adventure, Drama

Jin Tae shines shoes to save money to send his younger brother Jin-Seok to university. Their mother runs a noodle shop and hopes for the best for her two sons, even though things have been tough since her husband passed away. Sending Jin-Seok to university has become the shining light in their family's everyday lives.

With the start of the Korean War, Jin-Seok is unwillingly conscripted into the War, which forces Jin-Tae to join the war too, to save his brother and send him back to his mother.

Without money or influence, the only hope to save his brother is for Jin-Tae to enlist in suicidal missions in order to earn the Medal of Honor, which will guarantee Jin-Seok's release.

Director: Kang Je-gyu
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Producer(s): Seong-hun Lee
Cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Won Bin, Lee Eun-Joo
Writer(s): Kang Je-gyu
Official Site: www.sonypictures.com/movies/taegukgi/

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