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Sadie's Last Days on Earth - Official Trailer

680 Views | 1:41 | Uploaded on Dec 07, 2016

The premiere trailer for Sadie's Last Days on Earth begins with a student (Morgan Taylor Campbell) presenting her findings on the apocalypse to a classroom full of incredibly disinterested teenagers. As the bell rings, she hollers, "In 30 days the world will end as we know it!" However, her classmates leave the room as if they hadn't heard her.

This eccentric student's name is Sadie Mitchell, and what began as a school assignment has quickly turned into an all-consuming obsession. On top of stockpiling canned food, growing plants, and practicing various survival techniques, Sadie has decided to make a list of everything she wants to accomplish before the world's impending doom, which includes kissing a boy and getting her best friend back.

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