Sadie's Last Days on Earth

Sadie's Last Days on Earth Movie Poster
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1h 30m | Comedy, Drama

When you're a teenager, everything feels like the end of the world. But for 16-year-old Sadie Mitchell (Morgan Taylor Campbell), it actually is. Convinced of the coming apocalypse despite many naysayers, Sadie believes she has just two weeks to prepare for doomsday.

First, she must master rationing, survivalist cuisine, learning to sew, starting a fire, etc. Second, on a more personal note, she must go to a party, get her best friend Brennan (Clark Backo) back, and, of course, kiss a boy.

Director: Michael Seater
Studio: BrancSeater Productions
Producer(s): Michael Seater, Paula Brancati
Cast: Morgan Taylor Campbell, Clark Backo, Ricardo Hoyos, Munro Chambers, Paula Brancati
Writer(s): Michael Seater

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