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'IT: Chapter Two' - Final Trailer

43,217 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on Aug 01, 2019

The trailer for It: Chapter Two begins with a bird’s-eye view of the fictional town of Derry, then we see a young Bill (Jaeden Martell) and Beverly (Sophia Lillis), riding on a bike. explaining how he remember all of it, as the camera cuts to a shot of a sewer filling up with water as someone tries to desperately stay afloat. Pennywise offers the drowning person his hand while giggling sinisterly. In present time, the "losers" are all grown up with children, when they realize they never stopped Pennywise, and they vow to make sure he can't hurt anyone again. The trailer cuts to a carnival, where the older Bill (James McAvoy) is stuck in a glass fun house with his child and the child-eating Pennywise. 

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