Four Days

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Animation, Drama, Other

Four Daystraces the tragic results of a bank heist in which Milt planned to cheat his partner, Fury, out of his share of the money. But Milt is killed during the escape, just after he manages to slip the loot to the Kid. When Fury finally stops the getaway car, he discovers a dead Milt and a money bag that's empty.

The Kid hitches a ride north with the fetching Crystal to meet his father as originally planned. But Fury is not far behind, determined to get his money. When man and boy finally meet up at Paradise Lodge, the Kid asks about his father. "Milt's been dead four days!" says Fury. The Kid can only stare at him unbelieving, as he hands Fury the money and then heads out for the lake. His hero is gone; the Kid is alone and disillusioned. He has seen more in his fourteen years than most see in a lifetime.
Director: Curtis Wehrfritz, Larry Lalonde
Studio: Strand Relesasing
Producer(s): Gavin O'Connor, Greg Dummet, Lorraine Richard, Suzanne L. Berger
Cast: Lolita Davidovich, William Forsythe, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Kimberly Brown, Dean O'Gorman, Kevin Zegers

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