FIX: The Story of an Addicted City

FIX: The Story of an Addicted City Movie Poster

Considered the heroin capital of Canada, Vancouver has nearly 3000 drug addicts who live in Downtown Eastside, one of the poorest districts in the country.

Former IBM salesman and drug addict Dean Wilson, president of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, and social worker Ann Livingston were inspired to persuade municipal authorities to open a legal site where supervised injections could be given, despite the objections of people and businesses in the area.

However, Dean and Ann obtain unexpected support from the conservative mayor of the city, Philip Owen, who alarms members of his own party by championing a daring new drug philosophy called Harm Reduction. As the Mayor battles members of his own political party, Dean Wilson dares to face his own addiction.

The stories of FIX span over two years as the characters' lives interconnect to reveal a battle for the hearts, minds and streets of a city each one calls home.

Director: Nettie Wild
Studio: Canada Wild Productions
Producer(s): Betsy Carson
Cast: Dean Wilson, Ann Livingston
Writer(s): Nettie Wild
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