The Shack Official Trailer - "Keep Your Eyes On Me"

82,387 Views | 1:00 | Uploaded on Jan 16, 2017

In the official trailer for The Shack, a woman (Radha Mitchell) tells a man (Sam Worthington) the following: "We've lost so much already. I don't want to lose you too." She places her hand on his face and it's clear they are grieving. As the trailer continues, the man receives a letter in the mail and ventures out into snowy woods. He happens upon a decrepit shack and enters through the front door. However, the interior is far from dilapidated.

He's greeted by three welcoming individuals, including a white gown-wearing woman (Octavia Spencer). In stark contrast to the sorrowful tone established at the beginning, the remainder of the trailer features bright and inviting colors, and depicts the man as a person who has discovered something reminiscent of salvation.


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