The Circle - Official Trailer 2

49,624 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on Feb 09, 2017

In the second official trailer for The Circle, we see Circle CEO Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) delivering a speech about the power each of them has at the Circle to “realize their best selves” and believe in the “perfectibility of human beings.” But things aren’t so perfect for Mae Holland (Emma Watson) as she sits in her dull cubicle reconciling a payment that was a few cents too short, at least not until she receives a phone call saying she’s got a coveted job at the Circle.

We see a large circular compound as lush in greenery as it is in modern technology, where Mae is told to “have a good time and stay excited” by fellow Circle employee Kalden (John Boyega). After being praised for her efforts, Mae confesses she is absent from work events due to her father’s battle with MS. Her colleague Annie (Karen Gillen) suggests her parents join the Circle Health Plan and is assured by Eamon that the Circle “cares about who she cares about.” But as doubts are raised by insiders and outsiders alike about the Circle’s real agenda and its need to constantly monitor all activities, Mae learns she is in for a struggle in regards to her right to privacy. 


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