Passengers - Official "Event" Trailer

69,717 Views | 1:05 | Uploaded on Nov 24, 2016

In the epic "Event" trailer for Passengers, a fiery malfunction throughout the state-of-the-art Starship Avalon suddenly jolts Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) awake from their long slumber. "Hello!? Is anybody here?," Jim hollers frantically, looking for any sign of life on the ship. He soon encounters Aurora, who is equally dazed and confused. The pair investigate their fellow passengers, who they find are still sound asleep in their futuristic pods.

Jim and Aurora are distraught to discover that they have woken up 90 years early along their 120-year journey to a distant colony planet. Panicked, they try to figure out the cause of their premature awakening, and along the way, discover shocking truths behind the voyage.


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