Mean Dreams - Official Trailer

5,420 Views | 2:14 | Uploaded on Sep 22, 2016

Jonas (Josh Wiggins) meets his new neighbor, Casey (Sophie Nélisse). We see them bonding, and he is introduced to Casey's cop father Wayne (Bill Paxton), who seems nice enough. But when Jonas leaves, Wayne's personality turns abusive, as he drags Casey down the stairs and warns her to not get too attached to Jonas. We then see Jonas hiding inside the back of Wayne's truck, when suddenly, he hears gun shots and he realizes Wayne has just killed someone. Wayne throws a large bag of money into the back of the truck without spotting Jonas, and on his way home, stops at a gas station. Jonas jumps out of the truck and takes the bag with him. He goes to Casey and tells her that her father is a thief and a killer, and the teens go on the run.


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