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Born: April 01, 1982


Date of Birth: April 1, 1982

Sam Huntington was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire. His mother, actress Christine Stabile, helped him get his start in acting and currently serves as his manager. He began acting at her children's theater, The Black Box, at age nine, and was later cast in four major stage productions at the Peterborough Players, including To Kill A Mockingbird. Sam was eager to begin acting onscreen, but his mother encouraged him to gain more experience. They both moved to New York City, where Huntington signed with the JM Bloom Agency. He attended The Professional Children's School where he became friends with Macaulay Culkin.

During his period of less than a year in New York City, Huntington acted in commercials, did a voiceover for children's cartoon The Magic School Bus, and appeared in Disney's Jungle 2 Jungle (1997). He then returned to New Hampshire to attend high school, and was a guest on an episode of NBC's Law & Order. He landed roles in Detroit Rock City (1999) and Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Rolling Kansas (2003), Raising Genius (2004) and Sleepover (2004) before playing Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (2006). He also wrote, directed, and starred in his short thriller Sprint, filmed in New Hampshire. Huntington has appeared in television series CSI: Miami (2004), CSI: New York (2005), Veronica Mars(2004-2005), and Cavemen (2007-2008).

He also appeared in Fanboys (2009), in which his wife, Rachel Klein, also has a role. The pair married on August 12, 2006, in New Hampshire. Huntington can most recently be seen in the biopic Sully (2016), starring Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart, and the comedies Finding Sofia (2016) and Second Nature (2016).


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