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Mark Griffiths is a graduate of Stanford University and the UCLA Film School. He wrote and directed his first feature film, Hardbodies (1984), as well as his second and third movies, Running Hot (1984) and Hardbodies 2 (1986). Taking a break from writing, he focused on directing for his next two movies, Heroes Stand Alone (1989) and A Cry in the Wild (1990), then returned to directing his own screenplay with the action/thriller Ultraviolet (1992).

For television, he helmed the western telefilm Cheyenne Warrior (1994), starring Kelly Preston, and Showtime Network's Max Is Missing (1995). Griffiths returned to the big screen for Behind Enemy Lines (1996), then directed The Family Channel's The Cowboy and the Movie Star (1998), starring Sean Young. For Fox Family Channel, he worked on Au Pair (1999) and Au Pair II (2001), both starring Gregory Harrison.

After the TV movie The Miracle of Cards (2001) for PAX and the straight-to-video release Beethoven's Fifth (2003), Griffths decided to helm the small budget Canadian comedy Going the Distance, featuring a handful of young up-and-coming actors.

Griffiths lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children.


Going the Distance (2004)
Tactical Assault (1998)
Behind Enemy Lines (1996)
Ultraviolet (1992)
A Cry in the Wild (1990)
Heroes Stand Alone (1989)
Hardbodies 2 (1986)
Running Hot (1984)
Hardbodies (1984)

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