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While in high school together at San Diego's El Cajon High School, Glen Morgan and James Wong became friends. Both were interested in show business and they joined a comedy improv group where they had the chance to perform alongside famous comics such as Whoopi Goldberg. They went on to enrol in the communication arts department at Loyola Marymount University, and after graduation in 1983, they both landed jobs as production assistants to producer Sandy Howard. They soon co-wrote the violent feature film The Boys Next Door (1996), starring Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen as new graduates who go on a killing spree.

From there, they moved on to writing scripts for hit TV series such as 21 Jump Street, Booker, The Commish and The X-Files. In 1995, Morgan and Wong created and executive-produced the Fox series Space: Above and Beyond, taking on extra duties as writers for many of the episodes. For the episode Who Monitors the Birds?, Morgan shared a Sci-Fi Universe Magazine Universe Reader's Choice Award for Best Writing for a Genre TV Series with James Wong.

Morgan and Wong co-wrote the screenplay for Wong's directorial feature film debut, Final Destination (2000), then Morgan went on to write the screenplay for his own directorial debut -- an updated version of the 1971 cult classic, Willard. Morgan had seen the film as a child and had been fascinated by it ever since.

Morgan was married to second wife, actress Kristen Cloke, on June 13, 1998. They met while working on Space: Above and Beyond. They live in Los Angeles with their two children. He also has a daughter from his first marriage.

Filmography (Director):

Black Christmas (2006)
Willard (2003)

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