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Release Date: September 20, 2013 (limited)

1h 47m | Drama

Palestinian refugee Fahed, 12, has been hardened by war. His mother already gone, he soon loses his father, crushing him, but most of all making him angry. After he joins in the fight against Israel, an Israeli fighter pilot, Yoni (Stephen Dorff), is shot down over Beirut and kept as a prisoner of war in a cell guarded mainly by Fahed and his friends.

Taunting him with songs and mugs of water, the boys find themselves in trouble when Yoni grabs the youngest of them, threatening to kill him if he isn't released. When the boys beg for their friend's freedom, Yoni shows his true colors, letting the boy go free.

Through an unlikely turn of events, Fahed decides he can no longer stand to live the life he is living, and tells Yoni he will release him if he promises to take him across war-torn Lebanon to reach the place they both call home.

Director: Eran Riklis
Producer(s): Frederick A. Ritzenberg, Gareth Unwin
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Ashraf Barhom, Alice Taglioni
Writer(s): Nadar Rizq

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