Young Triffie

Young Triffie Movie Poster

Newfoundland ranger Andrew Hepditch (Fred Ewaniuk) is sent out to the isolated outport of Swyer’s Harbour to investigate a sheep mutilation. But young Hepditch is not prepared for what awaits him in Swyers Harbour, and he is in way over his head as he finds himself face and eyes in the middle of a vicious murder. He desperately tries to navigate the mysterious workings of outport life.

From the time young Triffie's dead body washes ashore, everything is turned upside down in the quiet life of the locals. Of course, all of them seem perfectly respectable at first glance, but young Hepditch, as he goes further into his investigation, discovers many mysteries, intrigues and secrets.

Director: Mary Walsh
Studio: TVA Films
Producer(s): Barbara Doran, Daniel Louis, Denise Robert, Lynne Wilson
Cast: Fred Ewanuick, Rémy Girard, Andrea Martin, Mary Walsh, Colin Mochrie, Andy Jones
Writer(s): Ray Guy, Christian Murray, Mary Walsh
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