You Are Alone

You Are Alone Movie Poster

A broken middle-aged man and an embittered high school escort enter into an agreement that will help both to ward-off loneliness if only for an hour in director Gorman Bechard's terse psychological drama. Daphne is a Yale-bound eighteen-year old whose depression has driven her to sell her body to the highest-paying stranger.

She advertises her services online and views her service as an act of rebellion against a corrupt society.

When Daphne's neighbor sees her performing at his nephew's bachelor party and threatens to make her hidden life a public affair, the skeptical escort reluctantly agrees to spend an hour with her blackmailer under the agreement that she will do any and everything that he commands.

As the pair come together for their clandestine rendezvous, confrontation gives way to conversation as the bitter layers of disappointment and cynicism are peeled away in a revealing conversation about sex and desire.

Ironically, as the needs and heartbreak of the troubled teen begin to paint a bleak portrait of desperation her neighbor does everything imaginable to test the limits of her advertised promise to fulfill even the most extreme and depraved sexual fantasies.

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