Ye Stupid Pyar

Ye Stupid Pyar Movie Poster

The story of a NRI, Abhishek Khurana who dreams of marrying an Indian girl, and meets his match in Neha Dalvi on his visit to India. Neha teaches yoga and salsa and lives with her father. Abhishek joins the classes to be able to warm up to Neha first as friends and then as lovers.

The couple get married but Neha feels homesick and is unable to fathom the fact of having to leave her father and move to the US. Abhishek, decides to join the Bangkok office so that Neha remains closer to home.

Life is sweet and adorable till Abhishek`s college sweetheart comes back to their life bringing with her lot of tensions in the young couple`s married life. The trip Abhishek, Neha and Simran are confused about their feelings hence the ultimate question, Is Love simple... or is it Stupid?

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