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A disparate group of women deal with the foibles presented to them in contemporary society in this episodic comedy from Spain.

The stories include Magdalena (Julieta Serrano) lecturing her daughter Teresa (Cristina Baeza) on why she can't hold on to a man; Neli (Carmen Balague) offering council to her friend Sofia (Laura Cepeda) on keeping her marriage from falling apart; Andrea (Mercedes Sampietro) explaining to her analyst her relationship with her supremely macho (and unfaithful) husband Emilio (Emilio Guiterrez Caba); Emilio's relationship with Reme (Eva Santolaria), a prostitute who wants him to leave Andrea and move in with her; close friends Mireia (Marina Gatell) and Eva (Anna Casas) battling over the same man; businesswoman Leo (Laura Conejero) struggling to hold on to her femininity in a masculine environment; and Paca (Eulalia Ramon) struggling to raise the money to buy a special pair of shoes for her son.

Nosotras was the first feature from director Judith Colell.

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