Wives III (Hustruer III)

Wives III (Hustruer III) Movie Poster

This mellow comedy is the third entry in filmmaker Anja Breien's Wives series and stars the same three actresses who appeared in the first two.

This episodic film begins with flashbacks to the 1975 film Wives in which the trio were having lively debates of marriage vs. Free love and scenes from 1985's Wives: Ten Years Later where all three coped with the realities of aging. Now ten more years have passed and they are comfortably ensconced in middle age.

They have gathered to hold a surprise birthday aboard an Oslo streetcar. They party is for Katja. The three haven't seen each other in ages and much of the story focuses on their discussions of their disparate lives. Every word, smile and tear they share affirms the depth of their lasting friendship.

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