Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder Movie Poster

Filmmaker Celia Maysles, daughter of acclaimed Grey Gardens director David Maysles, continues the family tradition of crafting deeply personal and sometimes-autobiographical films by using her father's artistic process as a means of exploring the abandoned film project that languished following the director's death back in 1987. Years after David died at the age of fifty-four, his brother Albert still presides over Maysles Films.

Celia was just a young girl when her father passed away, yet his legacy served as a powerful influence over her life - ultimately setting the girl on track to a complete nervous breakdown.

Subsequently determined to find out more about her father and his highly influential body of work, Celia sets out to explore a film entitled Blue Yonder that her father had been working on at the time of his death.

Though her uncle Albert initially supports Celia in her ambitious project, the aspiring filmmaker finds her search for knowledge suddenly stifled when she is banned by him from accessing the Maysles film archive.

Profoundly disappointed yet determined not to give up, Celia continues in her quest to shed some much needed light on her mysterious family history.

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