Where the Buffalo Roam

Based on the writings and experiences of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Where the Buffalo Roam details the adventures of Thompson (Bill Murray) and his attorney (Peter Boyle), whose character is rewritten as Mexican-American rather than Samoan, as they pillage and plunder their way across America on a drunken, drug-saturated mission to...well, their mission is as yet undetermined, but they set about it anyway.

Highlights include a staged broadcast of the Super Bowl from Thompson's hotel room and a scene in which he escapes from the police with a little help from his trusty sidekick.

Producer(s): Art Linson
Cast: Mark Metcalf, Peter Boyle, Bill Murray, Bruno Kirby, Leonard Frey, R. Armstrong, DeWayne Jessie, Quinn Redeker, Leonard Gaines, Danny Goldman, Rafael Campos
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