When Kiran Met Karen

When Kiran Met Karen Movie Poster

Anytime an Indian filmmaker attempts to work outside his culture's perceived moral boundaries, controversy is sure to surround him and his film. When Kiran Met Karen is no different. Bold and engaging, this Sapphic love story is set in New York City, where beautiful Bollywood starlet Kiran (Chriselle Almeida) suddenly rushes from a press conference for her latest film to hunt for a cab. She finds one already occupied by the sultry Karen (Kelli Holsopple), a novice journalist who convinces Kiran to ride with her. She also sweet talks the sensitive star into giving her an exclusive interview for the magazine she works for. Confused but intrigued, Kiran invites her home –- which she shares with her music mogul fiancé -– to spend the evening chatting. Sparks immediately fly and they share an intense passion, but is this a one-night stand, or does Kiran have the courage to follow her heart? Not many directors have attempted to break out of Bollywood, but Manan Singh Katohara bravely pushes borders and isn't afraid to bring lesbianism to light in Indian culture. The film also features the music of talented artists Deadbeat Darling and Katherine Almeida.

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