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3.48 / 5

User rating: 3.48

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User review rating: 5 September 24, 2012

selena gomez is outstanding!

User review rating: 3 June 30, 2010

I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, easy going and a no brainer. The viewer knows that the main actors are going to get together in the end, however, they journey that takes the viewer all over the world is interesting. The wishing well was a good addition. It makes one wonder: can wishes really come true?

User review rating: 5 June 30, 2010

Good chick flick.

User review rating: 5 March 25, 2010

The Perfect Rom Com.

User review rating: 0 March 15, 2010

this is grate fricking movie

User review rating: 5 March 08, 2010

This movice is sooo funny, I was laughing sooo hard! Good clean humour in this day in age is hard to find, take your mother to see this one she will love it. Elevator scene sooo funny!

User review rating: 1 March 02, 2010

BTW - I don't know what the 1* is for really. I would have changed the channel if at home. I was the only one in the theatre; not much wonder. It was a huge disappointment & as I love Rome, visited with my late [romantic and dear] husband, I was looking for a romantic movie in a beautiful city. I like New York too, but this movie was immature, silly and misleading. I wouldn't even rent the DVD, nor watch on TV - if ony I had known...I would have saved my Senior Citizen's fare. The lead actress is not a good actress...

User review rating: 2 March 01, 2010

It hardly has anything to do with Rome! It's all set in New York... I was expecting to see some breathtaking shots of Rome, but the entire set in Rome was rushed. The story line was ok... but it could have been funnier. Not fabulous.

User review rating: 1 February 25, 2010

If you feel you must watch this movie, RENT it.

User review rating: 1 February 21, 2010

For the love of all things holy PLEASE save your money. OMG this was literally the worst movie I've ever seen. I'm a 20-something female who loves a good romantic comedy and went with my husband who also likes a good laugh. And laugh we did not. This is the cheesiest and most lame humour I've seen in a long time. Every joke was predictable, but in a "oh-god-please don't say..." kind of way and John Heder is just so wrong. Unfortunately for him Napoleon Dynamite was it for his career. Putting him in a movie is ratings-suicide. This is 100 minutes of my life I will never get back. I wouldn't even rent this movie. I'd rather rent a Pauly Shore movie.

User review rating: 4 February 14, 2010

Funny and entertaining! Great location!

User review rating: 4 February 14, 2010

This seems like a really great 'feel-good' movie with amazing scenery and an interesting story-line...Under The Tuscan Sun...MOVE OVER!

User review rating: 1 February 14, 2010

Wait for rental. Some slightly funny parts, writing was weak. Safe movie, nothing risque in here at all. Disney for adults?

User review rating: 5 February 08, 2010

Movie was hilarious!!! If you want a GOOD laugh, GO WATCH THIS!!!

User review rating: 5 February 07, 2010

Very funny, just ended wayy to quickly, scenes about each guy coulda easily been extended to make it even funnier. Dax shephard was the best

User review rating: 5 February 06, 2010

Definitely on my top 10 list of the year!!

User review rating: 5 February 06, 2010

I can't believe anyone would say this was AWFUL!! Must be a guy! I loved it!

User review rating: 5 February 06, 2010

People who don't like romance would hate it. I thought it was great!

User review rating: 5 February 06, 2010

It was awsome!!!

User review rating: 1 February 06, 2010

AWFUL-this movie really jumped the shark. We could only laugh at them not with them. Kinda like going to see the movie Fifty Foot Woman, where we could enjoy making fun of terrible movies.

User review rating: 4 February 05, 2010

this was awesome

User review rating: 5 February 05, 2010

I thought it was a very good movie. Has it's VERY funny parts. Go and see it :P

User review rating: 5 February 05, 2010

I don't mean to gush and I know it is just a romantic comedy not an Oscar Film, but if there was a romantic comedy catagory I would say this is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I laughed a lot and I thought it was sweet. And super casting choices from the leads (Kristin and Josh) to all the supporting. Well done.

User review rating: 4 February 04, 2010

It was funny and had an unexpected ending, I loved it and I loved Kristen Bell!

User review rating: 5 February 04, 2010

Sweet movie!

User review rating: 2 February 03, 2010

wait for the rental ...

User review rating: 1 February 03, 2010

The writing was awful and there wasn't a singularly believable human being in it. I should have asked for my money back.

User review rating: 5 February 02, 2010

The best movie of 2010.

User review rating: 1 February 01, 2010

One big cliché! I sat there, wishing I had my remote so I could press 'fast forward'. The Italian family is cliché, the very young catholic priest is totally idiotic, and what to say about fat Don Johnson! Don't waste your $, skip that movie.

User review rating: 4 January 31, 2010

A warm and funny movie. A few parts where it took a little longer to stop laughing. If your wanting a good laugh and a feel good feeling . I'd say this worked for the two of us.

User review rating: 1 January 31, 2010

Absolutely horrible film. Other than Josh and Kristen being eye candy, this film has nothing going for it. The story sucked and the "jokes" weren't funny. The only time I laughed was the scene with Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. And I was the only one laughing.

User review rating: 3 January 31, 2010

first of all, i'm not quite sure what "kisshing" means, but if that's a cutesy way of saying "kissing," your comment is as "sucky" as you thought the movie was. second of all, it's a chick flick. need i say more?!? and finally, ya, it's not a great story line, but kristen bell kinda grows on you, and as my friend repeatedly said during the movie "josh duhamel can park his shoes under my bed anytime!" if you're looking for some kind of romantic story that could possibly, somehow in this world, come true, then you WILL be disappointed. this is cinematic fairy tale, people! you know, as in ESCAPISM!

User review rating: 1 January 30, 2010

Such a sucky movie!! No story line, no acting, just kisshing!

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