What's Your Number?

What's Your Number? Movie Poster

After reading a magazine article that says the average woman sleeps with 10.5 men, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) starts counting what number she's up to and realizes with shock that she's slept with 19 men. She decides that if she gets to number 20, she'll have to marry him. So with the aid of her womanizing neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), Ally decides to find her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams.

Director: Mark Mylod
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson
Cast: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Joel McHale, Zachary Quinto, Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon, Blythe Danner, Ari Graynor, Chris Pratt, Martin Freeman
Writer(s): Jennifer Crittenden, Gabrielle Allan
Official Site: whatsyournumbermovie.com
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