We All Fall Down

We All Fall Down Movie Poster

Still grieving over the recent death of his mother, Michael (Belsher), a struggling actor, veers on a zig-zagging course between drug-induced self-destruction and getting a grip on his life. Meanwhile, his best friend Kris (Cummins), an extremely talented painter who is blessed with the affections of his stunning girlfriend Ryan (Robertson), abuses crack and heroin to such an extent that it threatens to totally consume him.

Following a friend's death in a drug-induced car crash, Michael attempts to clean up his life, while Kris simply becomes an even bigger wreck, which threatens to drive Ryan away.

Director: Martin Cummins
Studio: Road Cone Productions
Producer(s): Brandy Ledford, Helen Shaver, Martin Cummins
Cast: Nicholas Campbell, Darcy Belsher, Martin Cummins, Françoise Robertson, Helen Shaver
Writer(s): Martin Cummins

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