Viaggio a Reims (La Scala)

Viaggio a Reims (La Scala) Movie Poster

Il Viaggio a Reims is Rossini's last opera in the Italian language (all of his later works were in French). Commissioned to celebrate the coronation of French King Charles X in Rheims in 1825, the work has been critically acclaimed as one of Rossini's finest compositions. It is a demanding work, requiring 14 soloists (three sopranos, one contralto, two tenors, four baritones, and four basses).

The uniqueness and audacity of the opera is compounded by its plot, which concerns a group of people who plan excitedly for a "viaggio" (journey) to the city of Reims that at the end never happens.

The true spirit of the Opera is perfectly captured by this production from Teatro alla Scala. La Scala brings us the visionary production created years ago by the minds of one of Europe's most influential and innovative directors, Italian Luca Ronconi (who directed Puccini's Il Trittico, which Emerging Pictures brought to theatres in the last La Scala Opera Season) and of world renowned Italian architect Gae Aulenti, who created sets and costumes. Since its creation back in 1984, this production has become the quintessential stage production of Il Viaggio a Reims, and finally American audiences will have the chance to experience it.

Cast: Patrizia Ciofi, Daniela Barcellona, Annick Massis, Carmela Remigio, Juan F. Gatell Abre, Dmitry Korchak, Alastair Miles, Nicola Ulivieri, Bruno Praticò, Fabio Capitanucci

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