Une Affaire De Goût

Une Affaire De Goût Movie Poster

Frederic Delamont, an eccentric industrialist, supposedly prone to several food allergies, meets Nicolas Rivière, a temporary waiter in a restaurant. A few days later, Frederic offers Nicholas a job he can't refuse, in spite of his instinctive mistrust of the man. Gradually, Nicolas becomes the friend and confidante of his new employer. But their relationship moves in strange circles of mutual fascination which may prove dangerous and destructive.

Director: Bernard Rapp
Studio: Pyramide S.A.
Producer(s): Catherine Dussart, Chantal Perrin
Cast: Bernard Giraudeau, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Florence Thomassin
Writer(s): Bernard Rapp, Gilles Taurand
Official Site: www.pyramidefilms.com/uneaffairedegout/

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