Tristan and Isolde

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1h 20m | Family

In the Middle Ages, young Tristan of Lyonesse goes to Cornwall to serve his uncle, king Mark, as a knight. Early on, he distinguishes himself by defeating the giant Morholt, an emissary of evil Irish king Anguish.

But Tristan his hurt by the poisoned sword of the giant and his sent to Ireland in secret by his friend, Puck, to be cared for by healer Iseut, Anguish’s daughter. Ignoring Tristan’s real identity, Iseut falls in love with the young knight.

But their love is threatened by the vile baron Ganelon, who seeks the Cornwall throne for himself and convinces king Mark to marry Iseut, supposedly to bring peace to the kingdom but in reality to precipitate his own agenda.

Director: Thierry Schiel
Studio: Mars Distribution
Producer(s): Sophia Kolokouri, Thierry Schiel
Cast: Louis Wright, Ciara Barker, Derek Kueter
Writer(s): Thierry Schiel, Mike Carey

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