Tomorrow, When the War Began

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User review rating: 4 May 10, 2012

before you bash it, this movie is based on book 1 of a 7 book series written by john marsden. yes, the basic plot seems to be the same as red dawn, but the full story is very good. i watched this movie and was disappointed because i felt i was left hanging, but after finding out the story continues (6 other books) i was much happier. the movie itself is well done. my only complaint is, like i said, it ends leaving you saying "thats it? really?". i think, and hope, the intention is to film more movies to continue the story.

User review rating: 2 April 20, 2012

this could have been a great movie, but instead is just a not-well done copy of red dawn (1984), but with almost ridiculous action scenes. it got an extra star only because it provoked my imagination into "what would i have done?"

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