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The Void - Official Trailer

5,204 Views | 1:40 | Uploaded on Mar 14, 2017

In the official trailer for The Void we open on an ominous voice and a flash of unnerving scenes: dark clouds, a mysterious figure and a strange triangle on a door. A screaming young girl bursts out of the door of a home. Told she won’t get too far, her attackers douse her and set her body ablaze. We then hear sirens as a convulsing man is rushed into a hospital. He is sedated and awakens in a calmer state. Police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is surrounded while walking to his car and attacked by a group of white-cloaked individuals, with that same triangle on their hoods. He awakes in the hospital, which is surrounded by the cloaked figures. Daniel figures something is calling them to that location, and decides to arm himself as he and the group investigate the gruesome and horrific truth of why this is happening. The ominous voice returns to remind viewers that “everything has led to this” and that “this isn’t the end.” 

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