The Voice of the Shadow

The Voice of the Shadow Movie Poster

Marie-Hélène, a photographer in her fifties, is courted and then seduced by Thomas, a much younger filmmaker who’s not only married, but the father of a teenager. They keep their affair secret, but Thomas feels guilty and finally decides to end his relationship with Marie- Hélène. Not long after, he has a serious bicycle accident and winds up in a deep coma. Unbeknownst to the patient's family, Marie-Hélène makes daily visits to the hospital, where she tells Thomas all about her day and the people she’s photographed during her walks through the city to him. Deeply disappointed to find that her stories have no effect on the health of the man she still loves, Marie-Hélène, with little heart to continue her work, begins preparations for her next exhibition.

Director: Annie Molin Vasseur
Studio: AZ Films
Producer(s): Annie Molin Vasseur
Cast: France Castel, Mario Saint-Amand, Isabelle Laurier, Jean-François Blanchard, Philippe Vasseur, Isabelle O'Brien
Writer(s): Annie Molin Vasseur

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