The Triangle of Death

The Triangle of Death Movie Poster

This is the story of the riflemen of Echo company 3rd platoon; they went through a life changing experience; through the hellishness of war innocence is shattered. Mission accomplishment is the number one goal under all circumstances they endured. Boys are broken and men are made in the mist of war.

This is the story of marines in Iraq's forbidden triangle of death.Join the Marines of 2/24 as they take you on a journey through one of Iraq's deadliest regions known as The Triangle Of Death. Feel what it's feels like to survive through a tour of duty during the largest combat engagement since the Vietnam war.

Struggle through all the hardship of daily life in a combat environment through a country without law and order as the Marines struggle to keep order. They must survive all that is thrown at them fire fights, car bombs, roadside bombs, snipers, the Marines are relentless.

They will only expect mission accomplishment of securing The Triangle Of Death for the first Iraqi election. The Marines of 2/24 have bolted the hardships of their deployment onto the Corps ethos of unremitting toughness, they secured The Triangle of Death for Iraq's first election.

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