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The Salesman - Official Trailer

4,801 Views | 2:11 | Uploaded on Jan 11, 2017

In the gripping premiere trailer for The Salesman, Emad (Shahab Hosseini) is suddenly woken up by the sounds of screaming and shattering glass. As he opens the front door of his apartment, he realizes the entire building is about to collapse. As the walls rapidly crumble, he screams to his wife Rana to leave, as she frantically escapes down the stairwell. 

Now the couple must find a new place to stay, and after a lengthy search, they do. Their new apartment is nearly perfect, barring the previous tenant’s left-behind belongings. Life seems normal once again, until one night, while Emad is away performing in a production of Death of a Salesman, Rana stays back to relax in their new home. She decides to leave the front door open for her husband, and a stranger enters and attacks her. In the aftermath of the heinous crime, while Rana increasingly retreats into her fear, a helpless Emad sets about finding his wife's attacker. 

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