The Prodigies

The Prodigies Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: June 12, 2012

1h 27m | Action/Adventure

Jimbo Farrar has superhuman intelligence and the power to control others with his mind, turning them into puppets devoid of will, who obey his every order. He works as a researcher at the head of the Killian Foundation for Gifted Children. His one goal is to find others like him. He finds five teens who decide to meet in New York's Central Park.

They're not alone. When they're violently assaulted in the park, they decide to use their brilliant minds to plot out the perfect revenge.

Jimbo is the only one who understands, but also the only one who can stop them...unless he decides to join them.

Director: Antoine Charreyron
Studio: Onyx Films
Producer(s): Aton Soumache, Marc Missonnier, Olivier Delbosc
Cast: Jeffrey Evan Thomas, Lauren Ashley Carter, Moon Dailly
Writer(s): Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre de la Patellière

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