The Other One (L'Autre)

The Other One (L'Autre) Movie Poster

An independent woman discovers just how strong her feelings were for a former beau after their break up in this psychological thriller from France. Anne-Marie (Dominique Blanc) is a social worker who spends her days helping people sort out the troubles in their lives.

But Anne-Marie isn't quite so good at dealing with her own issues, and lately she's become unhappy in her relationship with Alex (Cyril Guei), her longtime boyfriend. Alex wants to settle down and get married, while Anne-Marie values her independence too much to consider it.

Anne-Marie decides to break up with Alex, saying that they can still be friends and see each other socially but she no longer wants a romantic relationship. Alex agrees, and Anne-Marie is happy with their new arrangement until she discovers he has a new girlfriend, a woman the same age as she.

Anne-Marie develops an overpowering jealousy over Alex's new romance, and becomes obsessed with finding out as much as she possibly can about her. Based on a novel by Annie Ernaux, L'Autre (aka The Other One) was an official selection at the 2008 Venice Film Festival.

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