The Nightingale (2015)

The Nightingale (2015) Movie Poster
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Release Date: November 6, 2015 (limited)

1h 40m | Drama

Forced to be absent for a few days at the same time as her lawyer husband, a Beijing businesswoman leaves Renxing, their spoiled daughter, in the care of her widowed stepfather. Wishing to return to the small country village where he was born, in order to free the bird he’s kept in a cage for 30 years, Zhigen decides to take the girl with him. But the journey does not go as planned.

The little brat focuses all of her attention on her digital tablet, while Zhigen experiences an unexpected twist of fate when he realizes he’s travelling in the wrong direction. As they continue their journey on foot through the beautiful scenery of rural, southwestern China, Zhigen and Renxing begin to bond.

Director: Philippe Muyl
Studio: AZ Films
Cast: Li Baotian, Yang Xinyi, Li Xiaoran, Qin Hao
Writer(s): Philippe Muyl

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