The Mohel

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In Theaters: March 16, 2021 - SXSW Film Festival

15m | Drama, Short

James (Daniel Maslany) and Lola (Kaelen Ohm) live in a community in Nova Scotial where there isn't a Mohel. After celebrating the birth of their son, James is thrilled when Rabbi Fishel (Sam Rosenthal) calls him to say he'll be in town for another bris and will also be able to perform one on his son, although he wants James, who's already financially strapped, to cover half the costs of his flight and hotel. 

Director: Charles Wahl
Producer(s): Charles Wahl, Evan Kelly, Gharrett Patrick Paon
Cast: Daniel Maslany, Kaelen Ohm, Sam Rosenthal
Writer(s): Charles Wahl
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