The Mexican

The Mexican Movie Poster

Jerry Welbach (Pitt), a reluctant mob bagman, has promised his pressuring girlfriend Samantha (Roberts) that he'll give up his criminal ways. But first he has to do one last job: travel to Mexico to retrieve an antique pistol (The Mexican) which is said to be cursed. The Mexican was forged by a blacksmith as part of a 'gift package' for the man who is to marry his daughter.

To ensure the gun is returned safely, a hit man (Gandolfini) travels to Las Vegas and takes Samantha hostage.

Director: Gore Verbinski
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures
Producer(s): John Baldecchi, Lawrence Bender
Cast: Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Julia Roberts, Bob Balaban, Sherman Augustus, Michael Cerveris
Writer(s): J.H. Wyman
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