The Man Who Laughs

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On DVD/VOD: July 23, 2013

1h 30m | Drama

While walking through a snowstorm looking for refuge, Gwyneplaine, a 10-year-old boy who has just been abandoned by his captors, pulls a small child from the arms of a woman who died of cold, then continues on, clutching the infant to his chest to keep her warm.

As the storm rages, Ursus, a traveling herbalist, opens the door of his trailer. He studies the face of Gwyneplaine, who has scars that run from the corners of his mouth along his cheeks, forming a ghastly smile. The small child with him, named Dea, is blind. Ursus takes them in and forms an act with the two children that they perform at rural fairs.

Years later, during a performance in a small town, Gwyneplaine, who conceals the lower half of his face, is admired by a countess. But Gwyneplaine’s presence also draws attention to the doctor who once kidnapped and abandoned the boy, leading to the discovery of Gwyneplaine’s true identity.

Director: Jean-Pierre Améris
Studio: Métropole Films
Producer(s): Edouard de Vésinne, Thomas Anargyros
Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Marc-André Grondin, Emmanuelle Seigner, Christa Theret
Writer(s): Jean-Pierre Améris

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