The Legend of Johnny Lingo

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On DVD/VOD: May 11, 2004


When a fierce storm strikes Malio island, the islanders ask their gods for a miracle. What they receive is an ornate canoe complete with a little baby boy. The Malio chief decides that the boy is a gift from the gods and declares that the baby will be raised as his son. He names the boy Tama and pronounces him the future chief. The chief's wife is jealous of Tama, who has taken the place of their son, Pua. She claims that Tama came from the god of mischief and blames him for all the misfortunes that befall the island.

The islanders soon blame the boy for illnesses, failed crops and no fish. The chief denounces him, and Tama ends up in the poorest house on the island, where he meets Mahana. Mahana is despised by her father and the islanders - they all see her as troublesome. However, the two outcasts form a strong bond. When Tama finally has the means to escape the island, he leaves with a promise to one day return for Mahana. That promise is where his adventures begins...
Director: Steven Ramirez
Studio: Turtles Crossing
Producer(s): Brad Pelo, Gerald R. Molen, John Garbett, Tim Coddington
Cast: George Henare, Rawiri Patatene, Joe Falou, Alvin Fitisemanu, Kayte Ferguson, Hori Ahipene, Sima Urale
Writer(s): Riwia Brown
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