The Isle

The Isle Movie Poster

After murdering his wife, Hyun-shik rents a cabin-raft for fishermen on an isolated lake. This park of coloured floating shacks is tended by Hee-jin, a mysterious, solitary young mute who provides daily supplies to her customers, selling fishing tackle, coffee, snacks and sometimes, her body.

After saving Hyun-shik from a suicide attempt, Hee-jin helps him hide from the police and learns bit by bit about this young man whose pain hides artistic sensitivity and talent.

Director: Ki-duk Kim
Studio: Empire Pictures
Producer(s): Eun Lee
Cast: Jung Suh, Yoo-suk Kim, Sung-hee Park, Hang-sun Jang, Jae-hyun Cho
Writer(s): Kim Ki-duk

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