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User review rating: 5 December 11, 2012


User review rating: 5 October 13, 2011

the greatest film of the 2000s

User review rating: 3 September 28, 2010

Taut, testosterone-filled portrayal of a US bomb-diffusion squad in Iraq with many surprises...such as my audience's gasps when things and people were blown up. Didn't you see that coming? Bitter truths and human suffering -> just what I'd expect from a story depicting war. Unrelenting realism that perfectly suits the subject matter. Right up there with Black Hawk Down for leaving your palate full of dry, desert dust long after the credits stop rolling.

User review rating: 5 September 17, 2010

For those annoyed by the "protocol," : This isn't a documentary!!!! You wanna know protocol, pick up a textbook, don't seek it in theatres. The true value of this picture was its understated portrayal of the stresses and reactions of people in such an unbelievable line of work. The very fact that James was/is a "cowboy" shows the psychological effects - it's not and was never intended to be a critique of the US Army or its operations. It's about people, people, and if you don't get that, then choose action flicks that don't delve into human nature or care about the emotions of individuals / group dynamics - which is what being part of a community and larger scale, country, is all about.

User review rating: 4 July 06, 2010

good slice of life of war movie

User review rating: 1 April 30, 2010

Watched it because I heard it was nominated for an academy award. Now I remember why I don't watch the academy awards. HORRIBLE movie, no plot, no point, no script and grossly inaccurate. Obviously the producer had something on someone to pull this one out off the bottom shelf and talk it into an award.

User review rating: 1 April 04, 2010

Terrible movie. No plot & asshat dialogue = boredom for anyone with a brain; no matter how "riveting" the cinematography is. And what an unfortunate depiction of U.S. troops! Do the people that love this film really think this is the protocol their specialists work under? Come on. I think the screenwriter is trying to make the U.S. forces look like a bunch of hacks. Shame, shame on anyone who voted to give this one awards...

User review rating: 0 March 15, 2010

i cant believe this won for best movie.. it was very boring....

User review rating: 1 March 15, 2010

The worst of the worst of North America. I love the troops but there was no hero here - What are you trying to say - Video games helps to win wars???? No thank you

User review rating: 5 March 08, 2010

It is an excellent work of fiction. It did take some dramatic licence, but who cares. Its emotional portrayal of the characters, their hopes, fears ... this is what makes it great. It deserved best picture and best director. For the haters, this is a drama, not an action flick. Grow a brain.

User review rating: 1 March 08, 2010

I must say I found this movie boring. Not because there wasn't enough "action", and not because my IQ is below 45. There was no plot. I thought the performances were good, I thought the camera work was intriguing, but without a plot, I was left disappointed.

User review rating: 1 March 08, 2010

Probably the worst movie I have ever sat through. This movie represents everything that is wrong with American society. This atrocity undermines the U.S. military, making the sacrifices they make look more like a dramatic, adrenaline rush than the true good they have set out to do. The fact that this movie was honored with the best picture award is sickening. I am less proud to be an American today than I was yesterday. God bless the troops around the world.

User review rating: 5 March 08, 2010

Won the 6 Oscars including the Oscar for Best Picture. Has to be Good Dont you Think!!

User review rating: 4 March 02, 2010

awesome, fun, exciting, thrilling - a great movie. This movie does a great job in making the viewer "feel" like their with the bomb squad - a great job by the director and the actors. One of the best films I've seen

User review rating: 4 February 28, 2010

I wish it could have been more acurate after hearing about these comments,but it was still an interesting movie.

User review rating: 1 February 22, 2010

This is the dumbest movie ever made it is so unrealistic. The only people who think this movie is great are the people who have never served in Iraq or Afghanistan and/or been in that situation. The first indication of a bad movie is the movie box mentioning a Staff Sergeant (E6) James when in actuality he is a Sergeant First Class (E7), not to mention the fact that the ACU was not worn in Iraq till 2005. The movie takes place in 2004. After 3 tours in Iraq, I've yet to see EOD disarm "daisy-chained" artillery shells the way they did in the movie. A waste of time and money for any veteran who's been down-range.

User review rating: 5 February 05, 2010

amazing movie! No your typical shoot 'em hollywood crap. makes you realize How confusing Iraq is right now

User review rating: 1 February 03, 2010

One of THE WORST and BORING movies ever. If I hadn't been with a friend I would have gotten up and left.

User review rating: 1 February 02, 2010

I saw this movie while stationed in Iraq and watched it with my fellow Infantry men. We laughed at how rediculous and horrible the movie is, then were shocked when we got home to learn this movie is winning awards. WORST WAR MOVIE EVER! Find me one Iraq Veteran who thought this movie was decent.

User review rating: 1 February 02, 2010

Probably the most inaccurate war movie I've seen in recent memory. Having worked with EOD guys, I can tell you that they don't walk up to bombs and disarm them, EVER. They drive their little robot up there from 300 meters away and blow it in place with c4. Not to mention the fact that EOD guys don't ride around Iraq without at least 2 or 3 truck escorts at all times. And what's the deal with soldiers just leaving their cal .50 mounted truck with in the middle of the street? LOL Dumbest movie ever. Don't even get me started on how a buck sergeant punches a sergeant first class or how he magically knows how to use a freakin' barrett. Laughably stupid.

User review rating: 1 February 01, 2010

Boaring, Please register my Vote!! Dont pay money for it!

User review rating: 1 February 01, 2010

NOOO not 4 of 5. Boring!

User review rating: 1 February 01, 2010

No story, Lame... Boring, People who gave this a good score have family in the army probably. More of a Documentary.

User review rating: 3 January 21, 2010

pretty good flick, but fictional. those ass hats that deal with bombs are cowards. they usually blow them up from good distances, never go up to them like in this flick. the guys that do this job are usually the weaker soliders that arent trusted to do REAL missions.

User review rating: 5 January 17, 2010

best war movie since than blackhawk down

User review rating: 0 January 13, 2010

I think it's funny how the guy below me says this is the worst movie of 2009, when it was named one of the top ten movies of 2009. This movie was great. People are just too retarded now a days.

User review rating: 4 January 12, 2010

more about those in the war than the war itself. Who are these people who go to war....well, they are all different and heroes don't fit neatly into a category. Is it courage or pain that propels James forth.

User review rating: 1 January 02, 2010

BORING. Waste of two hours, one of the worst movies of 2009.

User review rating: 5 December 15, 2009

A very good insite to happenings and dangers, with everyday situations over there.

User review rating: 0 September 26, 2009

This film was phenomenal. I loved it. A lot of people are saying they thought it was boring and walked out. It's not an action movie. If you go to war movies expecting non-stop action you should go to an action movie. War is not non-stop action. There is actually very little action in war. Was Private Ryan non-stop action? Was Full Metal Jacket non-stop action? People who hate this movie don't like that reality. If you have an attention span longer than three minutes, an IQ over 45, and the ability to sit through an entire film that wasn't directed by Michael Bay and is full of explosions than you should see this film. If not, than please don't breed.

User review rating: 0 September 11, 2009

This is an excellent movie. I saw it twice and would go again. It reminded me exactly of a friend who went to afghanistan, tried to retire from the services after 25 years, but could never reengage despite having a wife and kids.

User review rating: 0 September 11, 2009

Boring, one dimentional. Almost walked out. Save your money...

User review rating: 0 August 20, 2009

I would like to comment on this movie but I walked out in disgust after about 35 minutes. It lacked ACTION and the plot, what plot? They should have let one of the IED's blow up the screen play before it ever got to the film.

User review rating: 0 August 20, 2009


User review rating: 0 August 18, 2009

went satate side to see the show cause us canadian didnt have the movies yet well see it again! can't wait for # 2!!!

User review rating: 0 August 15, 2009

Mediocre and overrated. There was no real plot or storyline to grip the viewers' attention.

User review rating: 0 August 12, 2009

Good Movie

User review rating: 0 August 08, 2009

One of the best war movies I've seen in a very long time. It was on par with Platoon from the 80s and Saving Private Ryan from the 90s. This movie was direct and to the point about how hard the job is over in Iraq. There's no pro-american propaghanda. It's just about "getting the job done". There are a few complaints from people about the camera work. I can see how this would bother some. But for me it just gave the feeling of actually being there along with the soliders. Others claim that this is just propaghanda. One critic above even called it "brainwashing". I could not disagree more. This is the first movie I've seen in a long time that tells it like it is, without a hollywood t

User review rating: 0 August 05, 2009

The best movie I've seen all year. Oscar worthy material.

User review rating: 0 August 04, 2009

One of the best movies I've seen this year! You'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time. It's too bad movies like this don't receive more attention. Scary to think this is the kind of thing our guys are going through over there though.

User review rating: 0 August 04, 2009

brainwasher... 5 stars for well thought through, intense propaganda

User review rating: 0 August 04, 2009

umm so confusing

User review rating: 0 August 04, 2009

Could've had more action but the storytelling was superb!! The best movie I've seen all summer!

User review rating: 0 August 03, 2009

Superb ! Intense, believable and no flag waving. Worth the price of admission for sure. The best directed and edited movie I've ever seen. signed.........GWH

User review rating: 0 August 02, 2009

Talked my wife into seeing this war movie. She came out of the theatre saying she thought it was one of the best war movies she's ever seen. Not a ton of action but a lot of tense scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat!

User review rating: 0 July 28, 2009

Superb direction by Kathryn Bigelow, Oscar worthy performance from Jeremy Renner and outstanding documentary style cinematography.

User review rating: 0 July 28, 2009

Quite an intense movie throughout. It opens up my understanding of how troops deal and work in such war-ridden countries. I would say 3.5 just because the storyline wasn't too extensive.

User review rating: 0 July 27, 2009

An absolute masterpiece. Compelling on many levels: aside from superb acting and an excellent plot, the movie has a depth and profundity worthy of high art. Too bad Hollywood does not produce movies of such caliber on a regular basis.

User review rating: 0 July 26, 2009

Not your typical "war" movie. One word - Intense. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole movie.

User review rating: 0 July 25, 2009

best iraqi war movie. well done

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