The Highwayman

The Highwayman Movie Poster

Francis Boyd Drake is having a bad day. Reduced to working for a telephone sales company, his sadistic boss, Phil Bishop, fires him and then frames him for massive fraud. His wife, sick to death of the endless series of dilapidated homes they rent, leaves him. As his vicious landlady and her son burn out the tenants next door, Drake hands over a week's rent. The landlady takes the money--and swiftly evicts him--only to end up dead, along with her son, on Drake's livingroom floor. It is also on this day that 20-year-old Ziggy enters his crumbling world, claiming to be his daughter. She also brings a little chaos of her own in the shape of her two lunatic travelling companions, Breakfast and Panda, who rob banks and pull out people's fingernails.

Drake denies he is Ziggy's father, but she refuses to believe him... or leave him. Thrown together, they embark on a darkly comic adventure. With luck, the trip might lead them towards redemption and the true meaning of love and family.
Director: Keoni Waxman
Studio: Lion Gate Films
Producer(s): Jason Priestley, Jeff Sackman, Peter Simpson
Cast: Laura Harris, Jason Priestley, Bernie Coulson, Louis Gossett, Jr., Callum Keith Rennie
Writer(s): Richard Beattie

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